Long career, great experience.


Foundation of Aguaema

Aguaema S.L. was founded in January 1986, after a period of development in the field of hydraulic construction, expanding its activity at the beginning of the 1990s to the rest of the civil works.


search for quality

Its founding partners have long experience dating back to the 60s, when they began their professional activity in the world of civil works.
Since then, all the efforts of the company have been oriented in search of total quality and customer service.
The strength of Aguaema S.L. is reflected in its solvent financial capacity. Fruit of its balanced growth and a traditional policy of reinvestment of profits.


Government Contractor

In June 1992, Aguaema S.L. obtains for the first time the classification like contractor of the state, which allows him to compete in competitions with the public administration.
From that moment the activity of the company undergoes a boom, even doubling the volume of activity in a short time and combining the accomplishment of public and private works, while advancing until obtaining the maximum classification in some subgroups as can be hydraulic work or concrete structures.

Finally it is decided in order to give better service to our clients to incorporate to our activity the realization of asphaltic pavements and electric lines.


ISO 9001 Certification

n our desire to offer a better service to our customers, Aguaema, in 2005 obtained the certificate of quality ISO 9001 through the certifier Aenor.
This accreditation comes to culminate a long process that the company, starting from its origins in search of total quality.


Environmental certification ISO 14001

In 2009, we obtained the ISO 14001 environmental certification, in a clear commitment to nature conservation, in line with the social responsibility that has always defined our trajectory.
The future of the company is envisaged in a commitment to the opening of new lines of business and diversification of activity resulting in the creation of value added services.